How To Be Her Best Lover Ever

How To Turn A Frigid, Unresponsive Woman Into Your Sex Slave

Special Report By David Van Arrick, developer of Secret Orgasm Tips


   This is a special report for students of John Alexander's How To Be Her Best Lover Ever


One of the most gratifying parts of the work that I do is helping people to overcome obstacles that they may face in their sexual lives.

I do this kind of work on a number of levels.

As a hypnotist, a practitioner of Oriental Medicine, as a sex coach and ultimately as a giver of information and dispelling many of the myths and erroneous concepts that keep us sexually in the stone ages...

(now don't get me wrong some people are really turned on by being dragged around by their hair... but that another topic completely.)

Man or woman, all of us can benefit from having an expanded understanding of our sexuality and just how much joy, excitement, pleasure, and fulfillment is possible when you apply the secrets I am teaching you.

Today's question is: Are there women totally incapable of orgasming?

To this question I have to qualify my answer. If she is a healthy biologically sound woman with all her parts intact, then no! I believe every woman is more than capable of orgasm.

Now, depending on her experiences growing up, her past sexual history etc. there could be some barriers to orgasm that may be in place.

I will share one such experience that ultimately resulted in my beautiful paramour having the most orgasmic experiences of her life, whereas prior to our getting together she could never orgasm with a partner before.

(I know, I'm THAT darn good. =)

I met this young woman through the INTERNET. We exchanged pics and emails and finally met in person.

It didn't take long for us to escalate our relationship to the bedroom.

I noticed that she really, really loved sex, but when she got close to orgasm she would pull back or stop.

It took me a while to gain her trust about this but she finally confided to me that she had been molested when she was young and after that she was never able to allow herself to have an orgasm with a male partner.

Well at that point, being the compassionate soul that I am, I made it my mission to free her from her non-orgasmic prison.

It took a couple weeks, but finally one night I looked her in the eyes and told her I wanted to give her an orgasm.

She looked uncertain but my foreplay skills are rather formidable, and her G-spot was primed for pleasure!

(How to do this is explained in detail in my book Ten Keys to Maximum Sexual Arousal!)

After I had gotten her aroused to the necessary level using the "Ten Keys," I began using my special technique for creating the one orgasm women can not fake.

I knew it would take a while without using the rule of three, but I wanted to be sure she wouldn't be holding herself back and then lie to me about having an orgasm.

Women faking orgasms is a huge problem for us men, and most women fail to recognize that faking an orgasm only serves to perpetuate the less than adequate sexual skills of their male lovers.

But because women are so bent on not hurting their man's feelings, they fake orgasms, thus giving men the wrong kind of feedback...

In other words, men think what they are doing is working when it really isn't, and because they think its working, they keep doing it...

It's a vicious cycle that... oops! I am off topic again... sorry!

Back to the topic at hand...

Fifteen minutes after I began using my special techniques, Elsie suddenly finds herself on my bed wriggling in full-blown ecstasy as her body is being rocked by one ultra powerful orgasmic shockwave after another.

By the time it was over (or at least mostly over) all she could do was lay there in a fetal position soaking in a huge puddle of her own female ejaculate totally and completely swept away and overwhelmed by the tsunami-like force of her own orgasm!

Now, in Elsie's case, it took some time for me to dissolve her sexual barriers and gain her trust to the point where I could bring her to orgasm and she would allow herself to be brought to climax.

Most women that you meet will not have such hard core issues, although they may have many pre-conceived notions, myths and misconceptions about what is possible for them based on the experiences they have had with other lovers and the books they have read.

The single biggest key for helping your woman achieve orgasm is mastering the art of sexual arousal.

Master this one area of sexual expertise and women will beat a path to your door!

Are there any age limits to women achieving an orgasm?

In my experience, there is no upper age limit for a woman to experience an orgasm.

My personal belief is that women in their 80's and 90's would still love to have good orgasms and the more, the merrier.

For all I know, they may still enjoy them through masturbation or from their husbands or significant others. The onset of menopause only signifies the end of childbearing years, not the end of a woman's ability to be sexually responsive or experience and enjoy orgasm.

In fact, I have gotten letters from folks in their eighties thanking me for sharing my techniques and how by using them they have significantly improved their sex life after 50 years of marriage.

The simple truth is unless your heart won't take the pressure (check with your doctors) there simply is no age at which a healthy human being can not have and enjoy an orgasm.

You're never too old to enjoy sex and you're never too old to begin to sharpen and improve the sexual skills that will give you countless hours of pleasure and full and complete control of your sexual destiny.

All you have to do is choose to do the work I teach in my course Secret Orgasm Tips (which is free for students of John Alexander's How To Be Her Best Lover Ever).

If you don't have this course yet, you can download it here...

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