How to Recommend My Ebook, How to Be Her Best Lover Ever

Below are sample recommendations you can use. Each is in a different style depending on your audience.

Either use them word for word, or put them into your own words. You know your audience best, so you know the best way to say things to them. The most important rule is to always test to see what works best for you.

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Sample Recommendation #1

Subject: Your Worst Bedroom Problems--Solved

Hi {!firstname_fix},

Did you know a scientific study found that up to 55% of women eventually cheat? (Source: Atwood & Schwartz, 2002 - Journal of Couple & Relationship Therapy)

This is really bad news.

But did you know there's a way you can virtually guarantee your woman will NEVER leave you for another man?

That way is... become the best lover she has ever had (or ever will).

No matter how bad you think you are right now in bed, you can improve.

There are proven techniques that are literally guaranteed to solve your worst problems...

...and teach you how to give your woman orgasms.

Lots and lots of orgasms.

And the best part is, you can grab these amazing secrets in just minutes from now, in complete privacy on your own computer.

You owe it to yourself (and your woman) to grab the guide right away, and you'll know for sure that she'll never even think about being with anyone else:



I highly recommend it.

Best regards, [or whatever you say]
[Your Name]

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Sample Recommendation #2

Subject: Here are four things your woman is NOT telling you (but wishes she could)

Hi {!firstname_fix},

As a guy, you realize how tough it is to get women to speak openly and frankly about sex.

Talk to her about anything else, like her day at work or the latest gossip about her friends, and she can chat for hours.

But bring up details about what she likes in bed, and she clams up and becomes shy all of a sudden.

This is a real problem, because if you don't satisfy her, she'll find a man who DOES.

Fortunately I'm here to help you, with a few general tips that will give you the power to take care of her needs...

1. Go slow.

We men are very different from women. We can get aroused pretty freaking fast.

And then we want to move as immediately as possible toward our goal, if you know what I mean.

Women, on the other hand, are a lot more complex, with a sex drive that's both delicate and intricate, which requires you to be more indirect.

From her point of view, lovemaking should be an otherworldly connection unfolding between you two.

So when you speed through the process and then immediately roll over and fall asleep, she gets frustrated. This brings up the next thing...

2. Stay awake.

While we guys experience a rapid collapse of our arousal after we come, a woman cools off more slowly.

As John Alexander puts it in his superb "Her Best Lover Ever" course, women are like irons.

They heat up slowly, but they will also retain their heat for awhile...

So keep cuddling with your woman after sex and kissing her. Even do a "round two" after a bit if you're up for it.

(He also teaches you how to boost your own sex drive so you WILL want round twos.)

At all costs, however, stay awake until she falls asleep in your arms.

3. Learn her entire body.

Every woman is different. We men are a lot more simple -- most of our pleasure comes from one certain body part.

But women are a lot more complex than that, and so there is no real one-size-fits-all rule when it comes to women's bodies EXCEPT that you should discover everything about your particular woman's body.

She'll be highly responsive to you touching her in some areas, but other areas not so much.

Some parts she'll want you to touch lightly; but when you touch other parts lightly, she'll feel like you're tickling her.

Also, there are some parts of her body she'll want you to learn to touch during different phases of her arousal.

It's important you pay attention and learn.

This will be different from other women you've been with.

For example, your old ex may have been indifferent to you touching her ears, while your current woman will shudder with pleasure if you blow lightly into her ear and stroke her earlobe.

4. Talk.

Tell her what you like. Moan in pleasure when you two are making love, so she knows how much you enjoy it.

And try to be open with your communication with her.

When a woman reaches the point where she feels completely comfortable with you and trusts you totally, she'll even start to tell you what she likes in bed.

(You will need to ask her though. Women won't normally volunteer information like that.)

Okay, my friend. I've given you four areas to work on that will boost your woman's (and your) pleasure immensely.

And make no mistake about it -- you bring her into sexual nirvana, and she'll do the same for you!

Of course, if you want to cut years off the learning curve and become a bedroom expert fast, I highly recommend you check out John Alexander's "How To Be Her Best Lover Ever" system.

In it, he gives you the exact, step-by-step details of how to give your woman one bed-shaking orgasm after another.

You'll also get a complete map of the key hotspots on a woman's body -- learn the fingertip techniques that will have her tingling. (You will enjoy the discoveries you make!)

You can go check it out at:



Best regards, [or whatever you say]
[Your Name]

P.S. Remember, you don't want your woman to become curious about the pleasure she can get from OTHER guys. You want her instead to become obsessed with YOU. So you owe it to yourself (and to her) to go here:



Sample Recommendation #3

Subject: Are you a two-pump chump or a slow Romeo?

Hello {!firstname_fix},

When it comes to sex, is it over and done in the blink of an eye, or do you draaaw sex out so she's begging for more?

I'm not talking about thrusting here...

I'm talking about the build-up.

Sure, there's a time and place for quickies, which are rewarding and a great deal of fun.

But if *all* you have to offer are quickies while forgetting the foreplay, she's going to start looking elsewhere for her fun.


Women are biologically and emotionally different from men, and those physical differences are what keep us up at night (pun intended.) That's a no-brainer.

However, the way women view sex is a biggie.

Get this right and you're fast on your way to being her best lover ever!

Women are all about emotions during sex. They relish the journey (foreplay) as much as they relish the end result (orgasm) itself.

Go S-L-O-W and you'll have her begging for more.

Go just a little bit slower at everything than she'd like and you can practically get her to do anything for you.

See, when a man gets turned on, he wants to rush in for the goal, needs to feel that orgasm a.s.a.p.

If you do this with a woman you're trying to impress, the only thing you'll impress on her is that you're a selfish bastard and not worth the effort.

She needs you to take time with her. Foreplay is a big deal to a woman.

Often, she's just starting to get heated up when you've already crossed the goal-line.

This makes a woman feel you either don't care enough about her or are being disrespectful of her.

Time spent in foreplay with a woman is necessary to get her engines stoked, so to speak.

It takes a woman much, much longer to reach that point of no return than it does for us.

She'll feel more emotionally connected to you with foreplay.

The slower you go, the more she gets turned on...

There's a good reason for that. She has about 35,000 more nerve endings in her genitals than you do.

When you've got every one of her nerve endings firing, you'll have a wild woman on your hands.

Believe me, there's nothing more beautiful, or that'll make you feel more like a man, than having your woman come apart in your hands -- because of YOUR skill at lovemaking!

Here are a few tips to get you moving in the right direction...

1. Relax. Sex shouldn't be viewed as a vigorous workout. It is to relax both of you and make you feel closer to each other. Take your time.

2. Remember that every woman is a unique person. What your ex liked best quite possibly could make your current woman want to kick you in the balls. Never assume that what turned one woman on is universal to them all.

3. Tease her. Don't lunge right for her sweet spots (breasts, ass, or genitals.) Touch her slowly. Touch her softly. Let her anticipation build.

4. Use soft kisses. Nuzzle her neck. Pet her slowly.

5. Breathe in her scent. Let her hear you as you take in a deep breath of her.

6. Give a little groan or two while you're touching her. Let her know you're turned on by her.

Spend about five minutes doing the above, taking the time and effort to get her heated up. This can be incredibly intoxicating for a woman!

Now, you can touch her breasts, but breasts only -- no nipples yet.

What you're trying to accomplish here is to get her begging for your touch. Her desire for you will increase so much that all she can think about is your touch on her nipples.

Becoming her best lover ever and mastering foreplay is easy, if you have the right moves.

If you'd like the complete step-by-step blueprint on how to make her wild for you, go here to get the superb new instruction manual of the seduction masters:



I look forward to hearing from you about your improved relationship and sexual skills!

Best regards, [or whatever you say]

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Sample Recommendation #4

Do her eyes wander?

Hello {!firstname_fix},

Women are complex creatures.

I know that isn't news to you. We all agonize over it at one time or another.

But did you know that nearly 70% of all women in a sexual relationship feel there's something missing?

It's true. Clinical evidence has suggested that women may even have a more voracious sexual appetite than men.

If your emotional relationship is OK, she may still stay attracted to you even if you're not a great lover.

But if your emotional relationship is even a little bit shaky, the sex had better be damn good, or chances are she's gonna cheat on you.

Problem is, because so many men are totally clueless when it comes to *really* knowing how to please women sexually, women get frustrated, or worse, lie about having an orgasm. They fake it!

Yet, at the same time... their eyes and interests begin to wander.

It's not really any wonder that the majority of women who cheat, do so because of lack of good sex (usually, it's a lack of receiving good oral sex).

But how do you know if you're a good lover or not?

Well, damn it, don't leave it to chance -- get educated.

This is your sex life we're talking about here!

Fact is, we're not born with knowledge of how to be a good lover.

No one is. Being a good lover is a learned experience.

Anyone can learn...if they want to.

Then, once you know the techniques necessary to bring her to a mind-blowing orgasm, all you need to do is practice, practice, practice.

If you give her mind-blowing orgasms like never before, you have a way better than average chance of keeping her wandering eyes at home.

She wouldn't be with you if she didn't love you. Women need an emotional connection to feel loved and cherished.

Great sex will cement that connection to you, so she'll adore YOU and be true to YOU.

But what if you don't know HOW to give her one of those mind-blowing, bed-post-rattling orgasms?

That's where my friend John Alexander comes in.

See, after years of trial and error, he's perfected the necessary techniques that will have your woman salivating for you, time after time.

It's all laid out in an easy to read format, with clear concise instructions. No fluff, no filler. No guesses.

This stuff works. Period!

...And you can get this instruction manual, with all my best techniques, within minutes...

...and learn how to please her tonight!

All you have to do is go to:



Download your copy and practice, practice, practice!

You'll become her best lover ever - and she'll adore you for it!

In fact, I double guarantee it!

If you really want to keep her eyes fastened squarely on you at home, you need to do yourself (and her) this favor of becoming a sexual master.

I look forward to hearing from you about your improved relationship and sexual skills.

Again, go to:



Best regards, [or whatever you say]

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Sample Recommendation #5

Subject: Need to get back into the sexual game after a drought?

Hello {!firstname_fix},

Hey, if you've gone through a period in your life where you've been out of the sexual loop, don't worry. You've found the answer now.

Divorced, widowed, recovering from illness, lack of sex in a loveless relationship, it doesn't matter...

For whatever reason you're now back in the game, this is the brotherhood of sexual mastery where the sanctity of "becoming her best lover ever" reigns supreme.

Embrace it! Cherish it!

Revel in it!

Because if you follow this advice, you'll give her orgasms like she's never experienced before.

Caution: Some of the methods taken from the special guide "How To Be Her Best Lover Ever" can make her addicted to your lovemaking.

Be absolutely sure you can handle the fall-out. Or want to handle it.

There've been instances where restraining orders have been invoked and the courts had to get involved, so make sure she's the one you want to practice these methods on!

And don't make the mistake of thinking all women are created equally -- they are all individuals with their own likes and dislikes.

That includes the area of sex!

That being said, there is a natural progression to bringing her to orgasm.

It begins with kissing and foreplay.

Even if you aren't physically with her, you can initiate foreplay.

In this day of cell-phones and email, there's no reason you can't start with *verbal* foreplay. Send her a text message or an email telling her how much you love her.

Or if you haven't reached that stage yet, tell her how turned on you get thinking about her scent, or how great she looked in (whatever outfit) she had on the last time you saw her.

Or leave a note in her purse or next to her coffeemaker.

(Don't think this will make you a sissy, a wimp or whipped -- it won't, if you do it correctly.)

You will make her feel good and get her thinking about YOU throughout the day.

Then when you finally see her, kiss her like she's the only woman in the world.

This is intoxicating to a woman.

Use soft lips and mouth and gently rub your lips over hers.

Rub your lips against her cheek, over the bridge of her nose, then bury your face in her neck and just breathe in deeply of her scent.

Women find this stuff very erotic.

For more in-depth information on great foreplay techniques, go to...



...and get the step-by-step manual on how to get and keep her interested in sex with YOU.

From the great foreplay that has her panting for you, we then shift into oral sex.

You see, many women need to have their clitoris stimulated in order to orgasm.

Oral sex is the perfect venue for achieving this.

Become a master of oral sex and you'll have women climbing over themselves to be with you.

I'm serious. This is how important good oral sex is to a woman!

See, as men, we've been lead to believe that WE are the horn-dogs. That's true to a certain extent since we can get turned on by a voice, a scent, a picture.

Women can get really turned on as well -- it just takes them a little bit longer and usually their emotions are involved.

But once they've experienced great oral sex a time or two, they develop a voracious appetite for sex.

So be prepared!

Step-by-step instructions to giving great oral sex can be found in the program at:



You also learn in great detail how to give her the "orgasm to end all orgasms" -- with the John Alexander patented move that can make her addicted to YOU.

And it's all backed by an 8-week-money-back double guarantee.

I highly recommend it.

Best regards, [or whatever you say]

P.S. Does it make any sense to fumble around, unsure, when you can be racking up mind-blowing orgasms for both of you? Go here right away:



Sample Recommendation #6

Subject: 90% of your woman's pleasure comes from...

Hello {!firstname_fix},

To give your woman maximum pleasure, 90% of your success comes not from the techniques you use...

...nor from your physical prowess...

...but from your frame of mind.

Have the right frame of mind, and you'll AUTOMATICALLY want to tell her sexy things in bed.

Have the right frame of mind, and you'll automatically want to give her the long, passionate massages that drive her wild.

Have the right frame of mind, and you'll automatically exude the right sexual energy and sensually adore her body.

It also makes you generous in the bedroom. You feel pleasure when she feels pleasure.

You know, one of the major discoveries you'll make about women is that almost all of them (at least 95% of them) have a secret love for sex.

And many women even love it more than men do.

And yet... so many guys complain that their woman does NOT seem to crave lovemaking as much as they do.

Do you know why that is?

It simply comes down to not having the right mindset.

And what flows from that is not giving her the right touch in just the right spots, at just the right time, with the right amount of pressure.

Believe me when I tell you though, that when you learn the proper mindset, you'll become the BEST lover your woman has ever had, and then you won't believe how insatiable her sex drive becomes.

If you're ready to get started, let's go...



Best regards, [or whatever you say]

Sample Recommendation #7

Subject: Do you know the number one reason women cheat?

Hello {!firstname_fix},

The number one reason women cheat is lack of receiving good oral sex.

It's true.

Women love oral sex. Women crave oral sex. But only if it's done right.

Here's why...

A woman has over 8,000 nerve endings in her clitoris alone!

In fact, the clitoris is the ONLY sexual organ on the human species whose sole purpose is sexual pleasure.

Breasts are used to feed the young, the vagina is the birth canal for her young and the uterus houses her young for 9 months.

The penis is also used for urination, the testicles produce sperm for procreation, and the anal opening/canal on both men and women is used for elimination.

And so on.

Yet, the only function of her clitoris is to experience sexual pleasure. Imagine!

That makes her clitoris the ultimate *hot spot*, the revered sweet spot, that shortcut to the elixir of gods... SO IGNORE THIS AREA AT YOUR OWN PERIL!

Sexual intercourse alone will not always stimulate the clitoris -- doesn't matter if you're well endowed or not, if your penis and her clitoris don't line up exactly right during thrusting, she won't reach orgasm (few match perfectly - so don't beat yourself up over this fact.)


But you CAN bring her to orgasm with oral sex...

...and you'll be her hero when you do.

It's really very uncommon that men perform oral sex with any degree of skill or mastery.

We all enjoy oral sex, but we've never understood the desire women have for it. In fact if we've thought of oral sex at all, we usually think about receiving it more than about giving it.

Because men need rhythmic friction on their penis to climax, we've mistakenly believed that a woman only requires friction inside her vagina to climax as well.

Not always true...

Many women need more than routine thrusting. They need to have their clitoris stimulated.

Whether that's with your penis, your finger, or your tongue -- doesn't matter.

A man who is capable of bringing a woman to orgasm with oral sex possesses the #1 coveted skill of a great lover...

...and you'll become an addiction for her.

She won't be able to get enough of you.

Here's what you need to do:

1. Start with kissing and work your way through foreplay.

2. Now, you've got her primed for oral sex.

3. From her breasts and nipples, slowly kiss and lick downward -- heading toward the center of her womanhood

4. Deeply breathe in the rich, wonderful scent of her

5. Let her know you like the scent and sight of her -- say "Mmmm" or tell her how much you love the smell of her

6. Don't dive right for the muff -- go lower, then lick and kiss her thighs -- tease her a little.

7. You still haven't touched her clitoris at this point -- she should be nearly mad with wanting your mouth THERE

8. Continue to tease -- working slowly and increasing her anticipation with every slow kiss or lick

9. Softly brush your lips and nose over her slit -- you can almost feel it getting wetter as you do this

10. Kiss her thighs, massaging her breasts or hips as you do this

11. Pay attention to her non-verbal signals to determine if she's ready to move on...

- Is she moaning?
- Does she nudge her pelvis towards you?
- Is she twisting around?
- Is she sighing?
- Does she grab your head?

12. Get into a comfortable position, then gently spread her legs with your hands

13. Now, gently lick her slit again, this time opening her vaginal lips with your hands

14. Very gently, lick her clitoris -- gentle is the word here

15. Again, kiss her thighs while looking into her eyes

16. Now you're ready to practice the remaining steps and techniques designed to make her addicted to you.

(I recommend getting the in-depth information manual here => )

Remember, slow is the word here. Keep your touches light.

Look into her eyes. This lets her know that you're really into her and will do anything to make sure she enjoys herself.

If you can master oral sex, you'll be in the top 90% of all lovers, and she'll think you're the best she's ever had...

...she'll be eating out of your hand in no time.

Go here to get started right away:



Best regards, [or whatever you say]

P.S. I look forward to hearing from you about your improved relationship and sexual skills! Again, go to:



Sample Recommendation #8

Subject: Speed's Not Her Problem

Hello {!firstname_fix},

It's [Your Name] here from [Your Website's Name], just finishing up a rerun of "Speed"...

Ever seen that 1994 movie? What a rush! Keanu Reeves plays the cool but shy cop (Jack), and Sandra Bullock's incredible as Annie - a passenger who ends up driving the booby-trapped bus round the LA 'burbs.

The script's pure Hollywood action-adventure - with the bad guy (Dennis Hopper) rigging the bus to explode if the speed drops below 50!

Of course that guarantees thrills and spills galore as our heroes grapple with one death-defying obstacle after another.

As the tension builds, we get to see Jack and Annie's relationship move from distrust to respect to an obvious physical attraction...

... so that when they miraculously manage to escape from the bus which is circling endlessly around an airport runway, we know a passionate kiss is coming in the long grass!

In fact, if the emergency services hadn't shown up soon after, that scene would've had Jack and Annie get down to some hot and heavy lovemaking. (She'd already made clear she was ready and willing.)

Thing is... could Jack have delivered?

And that got me thinking about what many regular guys put themselves through.... needlessly.

For example, let me tell you about Steve.

He's got a drop-dead 22-year-old girlfriend (just like Annie) who's mad keen on him - and yet he worries constantly about how to keep her happy in bed.

Or he's panic stricken she'll up and leave him one day for a real man - his deepest fear, if truth be told.

But it doesn't have to be that way.

And here's why:



You see, most men have been sold a crock of horse manure when it comes to satisfying a woman.

For starters, you don't have to be an Olympic gymnast between the sheets.

And there are no pearls of wisdom written on the headboard telling you when to speed up or slow down!

Incredibly, most women know the biggest secret to fantastic lovemaking isn't physical at all.

It was in full view when Jack and Annie were the last two people on the bus.

Wanna know what it was?



Annie went weak at the knees for Jack because not only did he help her escape certain death on the bus. But she just knew he'd come through for her again and again. (And he did - check out the climactic 10 minutes subway ride.)

Now do you get it?

After reading through 'Her Best Lover' in just 45 minutes, guys like Steve certainly do.

That probably explains why his girlfriend's blown away at how he just seems to be able to make her escape each and every time they're alone together.

('Her escape' - what a great name for the multiple orgasms many women long for.)

Oh, and you can be sure she returns the favor in spades - making Steve a very happy man!

What about you?

Best regards, [or whatever you say]

P.S. In less time than it took Jack and Annie to get it together, you really can pick up everything you need to know about pleasuring a woman. Here's how:



Sample Recommendation #9

Subject: The High Performance Chase

Hi {!firstname_fix},

[Your Name] here from [Your Website's Name] and I just checked out a great new guide from author, John Alexander - a successful friend of mine who really knows how to set the pace when it comes to pleasing women.

Naturally, you guys already know how important I think it is for guys to get on top of this subject...

... both for you and the women in your life.

But I hear from too many men who go about it like they're at the wheel of a Ferrari for the very first time...

...neck tense, hands squeezing the wheel like a vice, waiting for permission to take their foot off the brake and step on the gas.


Everything you'll ever need to succeed is within this guide's digital pages.

Men who've seen it are raving fans.

And I hear even wives and girlfriends are getting breathless with excitement that the message is finally getting through.

You see, what drives John and I to write such books in the first place is that lots of guys still don't understand pleasure - whether it be cars or girls!

For example, take the way many men approach driving. It's like they get in a car, turn the key and go flat out from A to B.

The ride itself's only a shoulder-stiffening distraction.

How sad.

No wonder they end up on road trips alone!

But John absolutely guarantees things will start to change for the better once you go through his incredible guidebook to satisfying women.



And I believe him.


Because, to me, John's methods for driving women crazy with desire remind me of ace professional drivers in complete mental and physical control of a Ferrari, Porsche or Lamborghini. (Pick one!)

John teaches you to appreciate every curve of her bodyline, the right moment to change gears and even how to cross the finish line together... again and again!

That's why this one gets my highest recommendation.

So what are you waiting for?

Why not take a test drive and find out for yourself:



Best regards,[or whatever you say]
[Your Name]

P.S. Of course we both know men and women are not performance racing cars and it's just a fun story to get the point across. But more and more guys are sharing these sensual skills with their amazed and appreciative female companions.

And now it's your turn:



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