Let's JV!

My Friend,

If you have developed a product that would be useful to my customers, I might be interested in promoting it to my customer list.

This could make you a lot of sales!

However, before contacting me, here are the conditions that I require:

  1. Your product must be HIGH-QUALITY.

  2. You must send me a review copy of your product. I am very selective about the products that I promote, so I must be able to verify its quality.

  3. Your product must be sold through Clickbank. After having been ripped off twice in the past by vendors who "forgot" to pay me, I have instituted an across-the-board rule that unless I've worked with you before, I only promote products by vendors who sell through Clickbank. If you are not yet a vendor on Clickbank, you can become one by signing up here.

  4. You must offer a commission rate of at least 50%.

  5. You must have a compelling sales page for your product.

If you are not able to meet the above conditions, please do not contact me.

If, however, you are able to meet these conditions, then I am looking forward to hearing from you! Please send me a review copy of your product to the following email address:

Best wishes for your success,

John Alexander

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