Frequently Asked Questions From Affiliates

Question: What's in it for me? Why should I promote your product?

Answer: Good question! Please go here to find out.

Question: Will you provide me with a review copy of your product?

Answer: Yes! There are two options:

==> Option #1: You can get a copy at a deep 75% discount.

Simply go to this link and purchase:

(You should replace "YOURID" with whatever your Clickbank ID is.)

When you purchase through that link, you will receive a 75% commission for the sale, so you will be getting the product at a 75% discount.

This means you're getting a copy for only about 10 bucks.

==> Option #2: You can get a free copy.

Simply send me an email (to the address at the bottom of this page) letting me know the following:

- What is your previous experience with affilate marketing?

- Where is your website (if any)?

- What mailing lists (if any) do you already have?

- How do you intend to promote my product if you like it?

Question: Do you have sample reviews and recommendations for your product?

Answer: Yes! Please go here for some recommendations that you can freely use however you wish (as long as it's to promote my product of course).

Question: How do I sign up with Clickbank so I can start making sales?

Answer: Please go here.

Question: What is your conversion rate?

Answer: I can't answer this, because the conversion rate depends on many factors, the most important being the quality of the traffic sent to the sales letter. If any vendor tells you otherwise, quite frankly they are being dishonest.

I am, however, constantly doing multivariate testing on my sales letter to steadily improve it over time.

Question: Do you do joint ventures?

Answer: Yes, definitely. Please go here for details.

Question: Do you have banner ads for your product?

Answer: Yes. Right here are some banners you can use.

Question: Is your product available in other languages besides English?

Answer: Yes, I have just rolled out the Spanish version of How to Be Her Best Lover Ever. Please go here. It is not only translated but has been edited to be more relevant to Hispanic culture and has gotten very good reviews. (More languages coming soon.)

Question: Do you have other products I can promote?

Answer: Yes! You might be interested in the following products:

1.) A dating guide for men entitled "How to Become an Alpha Male," a product that offers a 75% commission. You can find out more here.

2.) A guide for men who want to re-attract their exes, called "How to Get a Girl Back in 30 Days or Less," also offering a 75% commission. You can find out more here.

3.) A guide for women who want to re-attract their exes, called "How to Get Your Guy Back in As Little As 7 Days," also offering a 75% commission. You can find out more here.

My Email Address Is…

I look forward to helping your promotions in any way I can!

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